Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kauai, Hawaii Part II

I think I had too many pictures on the first post, so I'll post the rest here from our trip.

From our luau, which was soo fun! There were wild peacocks on the property that were absolutely gorgeous.

Best hot dogs on the island!!

Don't know why I couldn't get this picture upright! This is Secret Falls; it's so cool!

A smaller falls on the way to Secret Falls

Hiking to Secret Falls

So it had rained a ton the week before we arrived, so there was a ton of mud on the trail. It was actually quite soothing on my skin

To get to Secret Falls we had to cross a river with a very strong current (several times) and hold onto a rope so we didn't get swept by the current
Rope swing :-)
Lighthouse on the north shore
Kayaking the river

Waimea Falls
The lighthouse

The peacocks were trying to impress the females... :-)
We got so close to the peacocks :-)
I even got to feed some right out of my hands
At the luau
The guys pulling the pig out of the ground
This was just the first round at the luau...
The wet and dry caves. Apparently the cave goes back 300 yards.
I found a baby turtle stuck in the sand! It had been washed down the river into the ocean from all of the rain, so we took it to the river and it swam away. Glad I found it before a seagull did.
Mr. Turtle. We had a blast this week.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kauai, Hawaii

Well we just got back from a week in Hawaii! We were really afraid the weather would be bad there. Normally Kauai gets about 80 inches of rain in March. Kauai got 80 inches of rain the week before we got there alone! By the time we arrived, there was water everywhere and it was pouring rain the entire day. Yuck. It seemed as though that would be the weather for the rest of the week. However, Sunday was the only day we really had any more rain. Every other day after that was beautiful and sunny! Here are some fun pictures from the trip. The pictures above are of a place called Sprouting Horn on the west side of the island--it's a really cool blow hole where you can also spot sea turtles and humpback whales splashing in the water.
First picture of the trip and first fresh papaya as well :-)
There are chickens and roosters everywhere on the island! We almost ran over a bunch, there are so many. It was cute watching the little chicks follow their mamas right under their belly.
Sprouting Horn. We saw some big whales off the coast.
Poipu, south side of the island. This is a popular beach. Unfortunately, this day didn't have the best weather, but it was the last day of poor weather.
Tunnels Beach, North Shore, where that Soul Surfer girl got her arm bitten off by that shark. Unfortunately you don't have the best visibility in winter month snorkeling here, but it was even worse because all the rain the previous week made the water murkier than usual. We did see some incredible colored fish though--some of them were literally neon colored. So cool!
Tunnels Beach, North Shore
Pretty river flowing through Hanalei.
Driving to Tunnels the first time, we drove through some gnarley water covering the road. I told you--lots of water everywhere the first few days!
Too bad my camera is lame. We passed this spot where you could see 5 waterfalls at the same time.
I can't remember which beach this was, but the water started to clear up after day 3.
Walking along North Shore
...we passed a crab already poised for a picture! Maybe it thought we wouldn't notice it...
Nah...we definitely noticed it :-)
Mr. Crab
North Shore, Hanalie
I dunno, some beach
Tunnels Beach
Tunnels Beach. So so beautiful. Look how big that mountain behind Jeremy is. Crazy. That's the beginning of the Na Pali Coast, which we did not get to hike. I have wanted to do that hike for about 10 years...of course the one time I go to Kauai the hike has to be closed. Two people were hiking the trail the week before and disappeared...the woman's body was found a few days ago in the ocean. She must have been swept away by the flash flood or something. SO sad.

Some more pictures from the trip: one of our nights in the jacuzzi.

Poipu, south shore. We got to see three beached monk seals this trip. According to a sign I read here, there are approximately 16-30 monk seals left in Hawaii. This one was peeling...
Poipu Beach, south shore
Poipu Beach, south shore
On the drive up to Waimea Canyon.
Waimea Canyon. This is like the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. It was so beautiful!!
At the top of the Na Pali Coast. Prettiest place on earth. Really.
So so beautiful. I couldn't tell where the ocean ended and sky began.
I could have stayed here all day
Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon
LDS Church was right across from where we stayed in Kapa'a, so we got to go to church!
We ate breakfast here one morning; downtown Kapa'a
Most beautiful koi pond at our condo--I've never seen so many koi fish.
Where we stayed, Pono Kai
Jeremy being silly boogie boarding
Can't remember the name of this beach, east side of the island
J had a blast boogie boarding
The beginning of our luau...

Snorkeling Tunnels

Me being silly...
More of was just so pretty
Another seal just sleeping away (for hours)
More pictures to come...